Design Patterns and Video Games


The purpose of this site is to present computer development solutions based on Design Patterns illustrated by the development of video games.

Design patterns are not popular with beginners: they seem to introduce unnecessary complexity to solve problems that seem so simple! If this is true for writing a hundred lines of code to test a feature, it’s a different story when it comes to a complete application! To be convinced, there are only two possibilities. The first one is to start the development of a large application with a naive approach, and after a few years, see the disaster! The other possibility is to have a little confidence in those who have gone through this and get started.

Even if we are convinced of the relevance of the design patterns, they are still surrounded by a set of theoretical and tedious concepts… That is the reason why I propose on this site illustrations based on video games: the application objectives are simple to understand, and the results are more fun than a series of numbers in an Excel spreadsheet! In addition, for those who would like their own video game or their own engine, part of the job will already be done!

Discovering and mastering design patterns is a very good thing, but it does not solve everything. I think it’s important to emphasize that they are primarily basic recipes whose ultimate goal is to increase developers' creativity. Finally, the best solutions are those that are perfectly adapted to each case, the result of a combination between common concepts and the imagination of the designer. It’s a bit like cooking: to become a chef, you first have to master the basic recipes, and then forget them to offer your own meals.