Design Patterns and Video Games

2D Strategy Game

Create a turn-based strategy game with 2D graphics. The implementation is with Python and Pygame.

This series can be seen as the sequel of the Discover Python and Patterns series.

Patterns: Game Loop, Chain of Responsibility, Observer, Proxy, Factory, Visitor, Event Queue

The post list:

  1. Start
  2. Automatic window scale
  3. Ground layer
  4. Mouse handling
  5. Layers
  6. Game logic
  7. Cache
  8. Composite and Code generation
  9. Frames and Buttons
  10. Random tiles
  11. Automatic tiles
  12. Minimap
  13. Text
  14. Numpy
  15. Units
  16. Pathfinding
  17. Battle
  18. Load and save
  19. City screen and production
  20. Notifications and tootips
  21. Buildings
  22. Armies
  23. More to come...