OpenGL 2D Facade

Create a facade for tile-based games using OpenGL. We present examples in Python, but the design and the OpenGL bindings are the same whatever the language.

Patterns: Facade, Game Loop, Observer, Flyweight, Abstract Factory, Factory Method

The post list:

  1. Window and basic drawing
  2. Mesh data
  3. Vertex Array Objects
  4. Shaders
  5. Textures
  6. Draw a tile
  7. Render a level
  8. Facade
  9. Load a level
  10. Layers
  11. View and Keyboard
  12. Characters
  13. Text
  14. Unicode Text
  15. Text styles
  16. Format text (to come…)
  17. HUD (to come…)
  18. Effects (to come…)
  19. Lights (to come…)